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lyme disease


We take proven conventional medical treatments combined with alternative therapies to give you the most impactful approach to treating your illness.

lyme disease


We offer the most advanced therapeutic treatment for Lyme disease. Our team is highly experienced in utilizing traditional antibiotics with homeopathic remedies and nutraceuticals.


At Sierra Integrative, we take great effort to not only treat neurological diseases, but to also determine if there is a reversible underlying cause.

sierra integrative medicine for lyme disease

We can treat it

Sierra Integrative Medical Center optimizes your health by drawing from all schools of medicine.

We are a holistic health center of Reno that utilizes a combination of traditional medical treatments, alternative medicine, natural and biological medicines, homeopathy, and neurotherapy to create unique treatment programs. Our programs are entirely built around every aspect of the patient, not just what needs to be treated.

Sierra Integrative is the result of over 40 combined years of medical practice, knowledge, and experience.

Our focus is on treating your illness, as well as ensuring your body doesn’t develop new ailments.

Integrative Medicine

“For all of you out there suffering, there is hope and you can feel better. Sierra Integrative Medical Center has the answers you need and they will help you get your life back. Keep believing, keep strong, and above all keep positive…you can overcome anything!”
– Rashell V


“Will I always look to Sierra Integrative Medical Center to keep me, my family and friends healthy and able to enjoy life and all its blessings? Yes – forever and ever, amen.”
– Randy T

Interested in how we incorporate integrative medicine in our practice?

Through detailed patient consultations, our patients are able to achieve the benefits of integrative medicine through personalized, effective holistic treatments that heal the body and tackle the underlying cause of your illness. There will always be damage from a chronic illness that may not heal. Our goal as a holistic health center of Reno is to give you the best quality of life with our comprehensive approach and correct the possibility of permanent damage.

Learn more about our consultation steps and how we develop treatment plans.

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Being treated doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our friendly staff loves getting to know new patients. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

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