What is a Neurological Disease?

Individuals suffering from MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease know these diseases can be grossly life changing. Trouble moving, swallowing, remembering, learning, and even breathing is just a small number of ways neurological diseases can impact a person. Get started on your journey to better health by letting our Reno neurologist treat your disease with integrative medicine techniques.

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neurological disease

How we treat neurological disease

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we conduct a thorough examination of a patient’s history, as well as testing, to determine the exact treatment plan for their illness.

Our first priority is to determine if there is an underlying cause to a patient’s neurological symptoms. We conduct detailed research into the medical history of each patient in order to develop a complete understanding of each case. The information we gather allows us to pursue a course of care that may lead to a partial or a full recovery.

We implement integrative medicine to help treat a patient’s mind and body. The physicians and neurologist of our Reno holistic health center use the best elements of traditional medicine, alternative medical treatment options, neurotherapy, and homeopathy to create a unique treatment program for each patient.

Types of Neurological Diseases That We Treat

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • PEMF Therapy

“It’s given me my life back. I feel like before even when I was getting treated as though I had some hope, but not my life, and now I have my life.”


Dr. Richard A.M. Powell, NMD, PsyD, PhD, APH, CAc, BCN

Dr. Powell is a consultant who specializes in neurophysiology and non-invasive treatments for neurological disorders.

He is a Reno neurologist that has successfully diagnosed and treated thousands of patients over the past 15 years who have suffered from depression, anxiety, insomnia, AD(H)D, cognitive impairments, memory impairments, traumatic brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, OCD as well as other trauma-induced brain disorders. With his science-based training and analytical mindset, Dr. Powell treats brain trauma/ neuropsychological disorders by implementing a natural approach utilizing fEEG guided rTMS therapy at the holistic health center of Reno, Sierra Integrative.

His vision is to treat the patient with the least invasive and holistic therapies achieving the maximum benefits of integrative medicine in the least amount of time.

Dr. Powell graduated from Central States College of Health Sciences with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and mechanical therapies. He has completed two PhD programs, one in Jungian psychology and the other in nutrition. Dr. Powellholds certifications as a certified neurotherapist, medical acupuncturist, homeopathic practitioner, health and wellness and life coach and a personal and group fitness instructor.

He serves as an adjunct professor for two universities. Powell is fellowship trained in neurophysiology, medical acupuncture, and functional medicine. Dr. Powell is a published writer, “Press the Fix Me Button” released in 2011 and is currently working on his second book slated to be published in 2019. Over the past five years, Dr. Powell has been working with a team of professors, engineers and specialist in the field of neurophysiology and signal processing to develop a EEG artifacting software to be used by neurologists, neurotherapists, and physicians who utilize Electroencephalography to diagnose neuronal disorders.

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