A holistic health center of Reno uses a combination of traditional and alternative treatment methods to go beyond simply treating symptoms. The main goal of a Reno holistic health center is to create a balance within the patient, to treat the patient as a whole, and to focus on the healing process rather than the disease. Conventional medicine alone doesn’t always leave patients feeling healed. This is why a holistic health center utilizes other forms of treatment combined with traditional medicines to assure that the root cause is being treated rather than just individual symptoms. 

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Benefits of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is healing-oriented rather than disease-focused. This means that your treatment options will be exclusively tailored to your specific needs as opposed to being given to you based off of your symptoms alone. Here’s some of the amazing benefits of integrative medicine that our holistic health center of Reno can provide:

  • Focusing on the healing process, not the disease. Wellness, vitality, and healing are the most important proponents that are considered when preparing your treatment plan. Once the root cause of your symptoms is discovered, your integrative treatment will relieve you of these symptoms AND improve your overall health. 
  • Balance of mind, body, and spirit. Holistic health centers realize that our bodies also need healthy minds and spirits to achieve overall health. The focus is not just on the body and its symptoms, it considers all aspects of health. 
  • The relationship between patient and physician. Integrative medicine allows the patient to be involved in the treatment decisions. Throughout the course of the healing process your lifestyle and personal beliefs are all considered when choosing the proper treatment method. This is one of the most valued benefits of integrated medicine because you get to work directly with your practitioner to not only find the cause of your symptoms, but also to determine your best route to healing. 
  • Use all appropriate therapies to benefit the patient. All factors are included when discovering a treatment that will keep an individual healthy. A combination of conventional allopathic treatment options along with alternative therapies like yoga are used to adhere to the specific needs of the patient. Such methods are meant to be cost effective and as non-invasive as possible. 

What We Do At Sierra Integrative

benefits of integrative medicine

Our goal as a holistic health center of Reno is to give you the best quality of life with a comprehensive approach. We build treatment plans exclusively for the individual patient based off of information we receive during a consultation with the patient as well as their medical history. A physical exam is also performed along with a series of lab tests. The thorough examination of lab results and consultation information will lead to a treatment plan designed specifically to treat the needs of the patient.

Our facility uses a mix of Western, European, and Eastern medicines. Utilizing a combination of traditional medical treatments with alternative medicine, natural and biological medicines, homeopathy and neurotherapy methods are all what makes holistic medicine unique, and successful. At Sierra Integrative, we are aware that masking issues with prescriptions alone are not effective. Because of this, we value the use of unconventional techniques to fully treat the root cause and not just its symptoms.

How Our Team Of Highly Trained Specialists Can Help

Medical Director Dr. Fong believes in using a variety of homeopathic, internal, Chinese and traditional medicines to adequately treat patients and help them to continue living a healthy life. He considers all aspects of mind, body, and spirit when preparing a treatment plan for his patients. For you to get the full effect of your specialized treatment plan, your body will have to work with your mind and spirit to create balance. Dr. Fong’s integrative methods allow him to find the best solution for not only treating you and your symptoms, but for ensuring your overall health and well-being. 

And our team loves getting to know new patients and is eager to help in any way possible. We often have patients come in who have exhausted all other options for treatment, which can be discouraging. While the healing process can be intimidating, we strive to make your experience one that will leave you feeling positive about your options. Finding an approach to treatment that is custom to the specific needs of the patient is our specialty, and we love seeing the results we can create for our patients. Our holistic health center of Reno is designed to make every aspect of our patients lives happy and healthy.

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Your health should be your number one priority. Struggling with unknown ailments can really affect your quality of life, which is why Sierra Integrative works so hard to ensure that our treatment methods will work for you. Our philosophy is “No Success Can Compensate for the Premature Failure of Our Bodies,” which is what pushes us to find the best possible treatment options for our patients. Having a healthy mind, body and spirit will allow you to live an overall healthy life that lets you break free from your limitations. Contact us today to get started on a treatment plan that will let you live your life to the fullest!

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