What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a form of medical therapy that utilizes practices and treatments from conventional and alternative medicines. Benefits of integrative medicine come from the combination of both traditional and non-traditional therapies. Integrative medicine places great importance on the relationship between the patient and physician, working together to design a treatment plan that is specific to the patient’s needs. The main focus of integrative medicine is to benefit the needs and health of the patient. 

Principles of Integrative Medicinebenefits of integrative medicine

Integrative medicine can be defined by the following set of principles:

  • The patient and physician are partners in the healing process.
  • Considers all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease.
  • Addresses the person as a whole – mind, body, and spirit – when it comes to care.
  • Committed to using scientific research to make diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Emphasis on using non-invasive treatments whenever possible.
  • Emphasize healthy living practices by promoting health and preventing illness.

Benefits of Integrative Medicine

One of the benefits of integrative medicine which differs from conventional methods is that it is healing-oriented rather than disease-focused. Integrative medicine acknowledges the patient’s individual needs and preferences and is created to include the mind, body, and spirit. Sierra Integrative is a holistic health center of Reno that focuses on all three aspects in order to gain the benefits of integrative medicine. Here are the benefits of integrative medicine: 

1. Focuses on healing, not the disease

The great thing about integrative medicine is that it doesn’t just focus on the disease. The real importance is placed on wellness, vitality, and healing. Integrative medicine works to find the root cause and treat it to relieve patients of their symptoms and improve their overall health. 

2. Balance of mind, body, and spirit

Conventional medicine typically addresses each symptom individually whereas integrative medicine focuses on how the various symptoms are connected. They find the root cause and decide the best methods for treatment as a whole, rather than treating each individual symptom. The idea of this is to restore the balance between mind, body, and spirit to promote and maintain health. The ideal treatment method is created specifically to benefit the unique needs of the patient, taking into consideration cultural standings as well as lifestyle preferences.

3. The relationship between patient and physician

Integrative medicine allows the patient to be involved in the type of treatment they receive. The practitioner and patient work together to figure out what lifestyle choices and personal beliefs should be considered, and then find the proper approach to treatment together.

4. Use all appropriate therapies to benefit the patient

All factors are included when determining whether or not a treatment will keep an individual healthy, which is why physicians that practice integrative medicine design a treatment plan specific to the patients’ needs. They combine traditional allopathic treatment options with alternative therapies such as yoga or meditation. These treatments are cost effective for the patient and are usually non-invasive. Patients that use integrative medicine attain a sense of well-being and overall health.

benefits of integrative medicine

At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we apply the same methods of conventional and alternative medicine to create the best treatment for each patient. We thrive to achieve healing and wellness to improve the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. Contact our holistic health center of Reno to set up an appointment in our office!
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