January 12, 2014, Reno, NV – Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC) is an alternative medical center and holistic health center of Reno that is responding to the many requests it receives from general practitioners and specialists for advanced training in groundbreaking alternative treatment therapies. Throughout 2013, SIMC Medical Director Dr. Bruce Fong has spoken on his successful treatment modalities for patients suffering from Lyme disease and other autoimmune disorders. Dr. Sean Devlin of SIMC has lectured throughout the United States on alternative cancer treatment and pain management. SIMC is excited to offer their expertise to physicians wishing to expand their treatment options through an advanced training program at their Reno medical center.

Expanding Options: Alternative Medicine

Effective treatment for difficult cases of chronic degenerative diseases alternative medicineis hard to find. Medical centers are turning to alternative therapies to support and enhance traditional allopathic treatment plans, but trained practitioners are rare. Our holistic health center of Reno routinely treats patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative and chronic infectious diseases. For 2014, SIMC is expanding options for patients nationwide by instructing physicians in specialties like integrative oncology, nutrition and alternative medicine, along with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies. Also to be reviewed in SIMC physician training are front office protocols, legal paperwork and billing procedures.

Medical Director Bruce Fong, DO, HMD notes, “At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we think of our treatment plans as embracing the best of the West and East. Now we have a format for sharing our experience with other practitioners. This is good news for patients and physicians who have felt limited by pharmaceutical prescriptions and insurance formularies as the primary source of care.” SIMC deals primarily with long-term degenerative and chronic diseases. Treatment plans are based on identifying root causes. SIMC sees many patients with similar symptoms, allowing them to more readily properly diagnose and treat neurodegenerative and chronic infectious diseases. Sierra Integrative is now training physicians to recognize early indicators and red flags they have come to know through many years of focused care. “In my lectures and traveling throughout the US, I see many docs who feel they have exhausted treatment options within the allopathic community. By providing training, new doors are open for re-invigorating careers and improving patient health and overall well-being,” observes practice partner, Sean Devlin, DO, HMD.

Learn more about Sierra Integrative by visiting www.SierraIntegrative.com or call 775-828-5388. The physicians of our Reno holistic health center can inquire on training options by requesting an interview appointment with Dr. Fong or Dr. Devlin at 775-828-5388.

About Sierra Integrative Medical Center

Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC) optimizes health service by drawing from all schools of medicine. SIMC utilizes scientifically proven conventional treatments in combination with alternative therapies that are designed to strengthen the body so it can heal itself.
Services are designed to provide a holistic healing approach with a broad range of healing modalities, including but not limited to, homeopathy, natural and biological medicines, behavioral medicine, nutritional therapies, orthomolecular integration and neurotherapy.
If you have a specific request, please contact SIMC to discuss your health treatment, career development or wellness plan.