Reno, Nevada. July 29, 2013 – Sierra Integrative Medical Center is now one of a few treatment centers in the United States offering a powerful and effective cancer-screening test, providing a new opportunity for life-saving early cancer diagnosis.

The ONCOblot Test

cancer testingThe ONCOblot® Test is now available at Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC) in Reno. This simple blood test provides an invaluable tool for early diagnosis of cancer and indicators for potential types of cancer. Sierra Integrated Medical Center’s national reputation is growing through the many treatment modalities it offers and special capabilities like the ONCOblot® and dark field testing as well as ongoing instruction of colleagues at conferences.

Founding partner and medical director Dr. Bruce Fong is on the forefront of alternative therapies for immune-related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options for a broad array of homeopathic, internal, Chinese and traditional medicine. Fong’s specialties include cancer, Lyme disease and immune system disorders. Dr. Fong considers that not every therapy works for every person the same way each time. He works with other physicians and medical professionals as a team, with the patient, to find the best choices and optimum combination of therapies to achieve and maintain health. “At Sierra Integrative Medical Center, we spend a lot of time in our first appointments with patients trying to play detective, find out what the underlying problems are and then go after them—the source problem, not the secondary symptoms.” states Fong.

Dr. Sean Devlin and Dr. Ann Barnet join Dr. Fong in the practice at SIMC. Barnet and Devlin are well versed in hard to treat cases. SIMC has become known as a place to seek help when traditional treatments fail to provide relief or diagnosis. Dr. Devlin frequently lectures on treatment modalities for both cancer and Lyme disease. SIMC’s unique blend of traditional and alternative medicine has been tremendously helpful for many individuals, including celebrities and international patients.
Learn more about Sierra Integrative and the ONCOblot test by visiting or call 775-828-5388.

About Sierra Integrative Medical Center

Sierra Integrative Medical Center (SIMC) optimizes health service by drawing from all schools of medicine. SIMC is the holistic health center of Reno that utilizes scientifically proven conventional treatments in combination with alternative therapies that are designed to strengthen the body so it can heal itself.
Services are designed to provide a holistic healing approach with a broad range of healing modalities, including but not limited to homeopathy, natural and biological medicines, behavioral medicine, nutritional therapies, orthomolecular integration and neurotherapy.
If you have a specific request, please contact SIMC to discuss your health treatment or protection plan.